Findings #BedBugs anyplace can drive your blood pressure through the roof.  Finding them in your car, well, you could understand how that might just send you over the edge.

Our automobile is a forgotten area that a lot of our clients are even surprised when we suggest inspecting prior to diagnosing their level of infestation.

We spend a lot of time traveling to and from work, errands, and social events. Cars are an area that must be looked at in order to keep you bed bug free and also eradicate an  infestation. The last thing you want to do is have a thriving issue in your vehicle and reinfect your home.

Keep the following  #BedBugTips in mind:

*If you use your car for work and keep toys, books, supplies, inside of your vehicle try and isolate these items in bins or enclosed zippered bags.  Isolating them into bins can assist you in finding something before it gets lost in your car.  An issue in a bag or bin is far easier to take care of then having to worry about your entire vehicle.

*Minimize what it is you bring into your clients home.  Only bring in what is necessary.

*Keep your automobile clean and free of clutter.  That goes for the trunk too.  🙂

*Vacuum your car on the regular. Especially after driving around with friends and family.  A Clean environment helps in eradicating an infestation faster than a cluttered and dirty area.

*Using a water/rubbing alcohol mixture on your cushions and floor after vacuuming will assist in disrupting anything that might be hiding and can also act as a contact killer when   saturating an insect.

*Inspect your car a handful of times per year.  It won’t hurt to be on top of things. Take a look at GotchA! Owner, Michael Colongione showing you how to inspect your vehicle

*If you go shopping always best to keep bags in the trunk and I bring up the bin method again.  Containment is always best.

Now, I don’t want to feed into hysteria as a vehicle is just one of the areas that a problem can fester but taking a proactive approach is far better then being forced to be reactive. Every little bit help.

Have a question? Feel free to give the #BedBug #Experts a call.