Nassau Suffolk: 516-340-1003
New York City/Boroughs:646-265-1455
All other Areas:888-8BEDBUG (23-3284)

Bed Bug Detection

Our Bed Bug Inspectors senses are unmatched by any other method available to man.  As a result canine's can assist us in many ways. 

For example, sniffing out bombs, narcotics, and dangerous chemicals. Because of these abilities canine's are also one of our best tools for locating bed bugs.
Out Canine Teams are certified and trained to quickly identify a bed bug infestation. Further more allowing residents to make quick and accurate decisions on what type of services to use, thereby preventing a severe and health threatening infestation. 

All of our Canine Bed Bug Inspections include a visual certified technician inspection as well. 

At request : for those who might be allergic to dogs we offer a certified visual bedbug inspection service.   

We pride ourselves on One Inspector for every One canine.  It is most important that the Inspector and canine have trained and received certification together. 

Our Canine Teams are highly trained and certified in bed bug detection. Both our Team handlers and our canine's have participated in extensive team training at the Ironheart Performance Academy in Shawnee, Kansas.

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