Nassau Suffolk: 516-340-1003
New York City/Boroughs:646-265-1455
All other Areas:888-8BEDBUG (23-3284)

Farmingdale Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed Bugs are out there, waiting to find a way in.


Farmingdale Bed Bugs Inspectors, Gotcha can protect your family, home, possessions and pets. Whether you are in a condo, single family home or apartment the local Gotcha Canine Team will come into your home for an inspection, consultation and immediate relief.


Certified technicians will visually inspect and their specialty trained canine partner will pinpoint every possible outbreak. The Gotcha team are both highly trained to alleviate every issue.


Farmingdale Bed Bugs Exterminators, Gotcha works with you to find the best way to prevent future outbreaks, handle a small ones or deal with a certified infestation. The news and social media is filled with stories of restaurants, college dormitories, theaters and retail stores being shut down because of bed bugs. Their presence on buses, trains, planes and even in rental cars can bring these hitchhikers into your home via your luggage, clothing or tote bag. Gotcha client care specialists are there 24/7 365 days a year to advise and equip you with what you need to know. Gotcha knows what needs to be done. They are local, serving Farmingdale and other Suffolk and Nassau County communities.


Call 855-GO GOTCHA to solve your bed bug issue.
• They will provide a Visual and Canine Inspection of your home or properties.
• Preparation of your home, clothing and possessions for eradication measures.
• Gotcha will stand with you for future monitoring and renewed treatments
• The Gotcha warranty begins the day after all of your bed bug issues are gone. If
Bed Bugs found you, find your local Gotcha Bed Bug Inspectors.